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Looking for fun birthday ideas or something to make your celebration even more special? Fire Blossoms are unique cake candles designed as a flower and blossom once it is lit. For each Fire Blossom bundle you buy, we will donate to Operation: Smile.

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How it Works


When the center candle is lit, this unique cake candle blossoms! Click link on right for video of the candle. Step-by-step instructions provided here by clicking arrows.


WARNING! Read all warnings and instructions before using this product. Keep candle burning within sight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Failure to follow instructions could result in fire or injury.


Ensure guests are at least 3 feet away from candle prior to lighting. Insert candle straight down in center of cake to ensure it does not tip over. Picture above shows where holes are created once candle is in place. Keep wax free of matches, wick trimmings and flammable materials.


Look at center of candle and find circular tan color bump in the middle of the flower, right below the flower petals with candles, to familiarize yourself with where to touch the wooden stick (provided in package) once it is lit. Do not light short candles on petals first. Do not move while candle is burning or wax is hot.


Light wooden stick with match and at a 45 degree angle carefully light the circular tan color bump in the middle of the flower, right below the flower petals with candles. Wooden stick in picture above is darkened to emphasize where to light candle. Keep hands and face away from directly above the candle to avoid being burned.


The center candle will shoot up a small flame simultaneously lighting the 8 smaller flower petal candles and starting the music. Flower petals will open after a few seconds. Blow out candles by the time they are halfway melted to avoid burning the plastic flower petals. Picture above shows fully blossomed candle after flames are extinguished.


Once candles are extinguished and cool to the touch, cut the wire atop the center candle to stop music. If you prefer no music, for example if celebrating a special occasion other than a birthday, you may cut the wire prior to lighting the candle. Click link on right for video of the candle!


Right-click image above to download and view full color detailed instructions.

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Pinking of You – 2 Pink Fire Blossoms – SALE!


Blue Me Away – 2 Blue Fire Blossoms – SALE!


Red-iculously Cute – 2 Red Fire Blossoms


Yellow There – 2 Yellow Fire Blossoms


Ultraviolet – 2 Purple Fire Blossoms


Cotton Candy – 1 Pink & 1 Blue Fire Blossom


Rose Garden – 1 Pink & 1 Red Fire Blossom


Fairy Tale – 1 Pink & 1 Yellow Fire Blossom


Tea Party – 1 Pink & 1 Purple Fire Blossom


Patriotic – 1 Blue & 1 Red Fire Blossom


Cheer Spirit – 1 Blue & 1 Yellow Fire Blossom


Cosmic – 1 Blue & 1 Purple Fire Blossom


Good Luck – 1 Red & 1 Yellow Fire Blossom


Royal – 1 Red & 1 Purple Fire Blossom


Spring – 1 Yellow & 1 Purple Fire Blossom


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