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How To Celebrate Earth Day With Children

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22 in order to encourage people all over the world to be more environmentally friendly. Many parents agree children should also get involved! Kids share a connection with nature and are always curious about how they can help plants and animals. We share some simple ideas for celebrating […]

5 Simple Card Making Projects To Do With Children

There are plenty of card DIY projects out there, but how many of them can you actually do with your children? We picked some of our favorite card making ideas to share with your children that will keep them interested and working the creative side of their brain! Supplies Needed To make these simple cards with your […]

7 Best Birthday Surprises for Children

It’s no that secret every child loves birthdays – it’s like having a personal holiday! And no birthday is complete without surprises. Here we share seven birthday surprises you can prepare to make this special day even more memorable. You will find fun ideas will be perfect for little kids to teens, so take your […]

How To Celebrate a Kid’s Holiday Birthday

Ask any child to name the three most favorite days of the year and their birthday will be one of them. The presents and the cake are important for kids, and even more important is the fact that the whole family and their friends celebrate them. What sometimes casts a shadow on the birthday is […]

5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Children

If you are used to thinking of New Year’s Eve as a time when you need to hire a babysitter, dress up and go to a club to enjoy champagne, why not try spending this night at home with children. When your expectations include kids, you may be surprised how much fun you can have, […]

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