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7 Best Birthday Surprises for Children

It’s no that secret every child loves birthdays – it’s like having a personal holiday! And no birthday is complete without surprises. Here we share seven birthday surprises you can prepare to make this special day even more memorable. You will find fun ideas will be perfect for little kids to teens, so take your […]

5 Tips for Celebrating Birthdays at School

Many parents have amazing memories of sharing tasty cupcakes with classmates to celebrate their birthday at school. It was always an¬†exciting moment when our mom was walking through the classroom with treats. Nowadays, you can do the same for your kids! Below we share simple steps you need to do in order to celebrate birthdays […]

A Fire Blossom Shared Moment: A Twin-tastic Birthday Celebration

Henry and James turned 60 years young and Fire Blossom Candle was there to help them celebrate their milestone birthday!¬† While they have been graciously sharing their birthday all their life, it was only fitting that they each have a cake on their special day. Identical twins call for identical cakes! Since Henry and James […]

Birthday Surprise Videos That Will Make You Smile

At the Fire Blossom Candle Company, we love helping to create those moments of joy and surprise. In that spirit, we have collected a few our favorite fun, cute, touching and overall amazing birthday surprises! While we enjoy all the videos in their entirety, for some of the longer videos we note the “surprise moment” […]

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