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How To Celebrate a Kid’s Holiday Birthday

Ask any child to name the three most favorite days of the year and their birthday will be one of them. The presents and the cake are important for kids, and even more important is the fact that the whole family and their friends celebrate them. What sometimes casts a shadow on the birthday is […]

5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Children

If you are used to thinking of New Year’s Eve as a time when you need to hire a babysitter, dress up and go to a club to enjoy champagne, why not try spending this night at home with children. When your expectations include kids, you may be surprised how much fun you can have, […]

5 Amazing New Year Countdowns from Around the World

Are you ready for New Years? Grab your fireworks, sparklers, and champagne bottles so you and your family can countdown to the 2015! Check out some amazing countdown videos from around the world to get you into the New Years Spirit! Need some party ideas for your celebration? Checkout our New Year’s Themed Party Ideas […]

Christmas Themed Party Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and we are excited for a night filled with happiness, laughter, and best of all, presents! To help you throw a fun-filled party, please check out our Christmas Themed Party Ideas Pinterest board. Also, if you haven’t already picked out a present for your little one, we chose some […]

Hanukkah Themed Party Ideas

Hanukkah has already started, but it’s not too late to throw a festive party, especially since you have eight nights!  If you are celebrating for religious reasons or just want to learn more about the Festival of Lights, check out this fun Youtube video that you can watch with your children: We can’t help but […]

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